Past trips (2007-08)

30 Sep

As of the creation of this blog, I have taken 2 tips outside the United States. Here’s a brief summary of each. Ask me about them if you want to know more.

Monterrey and Parras, Coahuila, Mexico: August 2007

For this trip, I went with my boyfriend, his mom, sister and brother. We took a bus across the U.S./Mexico border to Monterrey, where his family lives. After a couple of days, we took another bus to Parras, a tiny town in the state of Coahuila. It has the oldest winery in both North and South America; it was built in the 1500s. We were also lucky enough to be in Parras during the annual wine festival. Like a county fair in many respects, the highlights of the festival are the parade and the festival queen pageant. Both were beautiful and memorable. My favorite part of this trip was the architecture of Parras; my future dream home will have an atrium with an indoor garden and many, many bright colors.

Bangalore, India: May 2008

For this trip, I traveled with a group of 6 other people, all members of Campus Ministry at my university. We were an eclectic group, but I could not think of anyone I would have enjoyed accompanying me on such a trip more than these people. We flew into Bangalore and were picked up by two brothers of the Holy Cross, our hosts for the 2.5 weeks of our stay. We stayed in a house on the grounds of the Abayadhama Human Development Center in Whitefield, a suburb of Bangalore. We spent the weeks teaching, mentoring and generally hanging out with a group of about 60 boys, aged 6-17. While the trip offered too many memories to possibly share, one highlight was a trip to a Hindu wedding and then a Catholic convent where the sisters made religious garments by hand and grew medicinal herbs. We also visited a palace in Mysore that was overwhelmingly opulant. Utterly life-changing, this trip was the confirming experience for my decision to teach English abroad.


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