Cookbook: The Healthy Kitchen

9 Dec

Another of my absolute favorite cookbooks is The Healthy Kitchen by wellness doctor Dr. Andrew Weil and chef Rosie Daily. It’s a great book because not only is it very healthy, but it is also a great recipe book. Most health cookbooks I have, like the Sugar Solution and the Low GI Diet Cookbook are great books for cooking heart healthily, but the recipes aren’t always very creative from a culinary standpoint.

The Healthy Kitchen, however, contains recipes that are at once healthy AND delicious. Sure, you’re skipping the butter for a lower-fat oil, but you don’t notice the difference in these wonderfully thought-out recipes. My favorite recipe is the pureed butternut squash soup with pesto garnish, and the green squash soup (with artichoke heart puree base) is a close second.

This cookbook also made me realize what I personally love best about cooking: cooking simply with whole, unprocessed ingredients is not only healthiest, but tastier than anything you can find in most restaurants.

Bonus: you can buy this book for about a dollar plus shipping on


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