Homemade gnocchi!

9 Dec

On October 12th, I spent much of my day making homemade sweet potato gnocchi (or, as my cute Chilean friend calls them, “nonkis”) following a recipe from Gourmet magazine (now sadly discontinued).

It was tedious but tons of fun. I made all the little pasta balls and then froze them on the baking sheet I had set them on as I made them, plucked them off the sheet once they were hard, and them tossed them in a bag.

The scariest moment came when I cooked them that evening. The recipe says you can freeze the gnocchi but should cook them without thawing first. The expected cook time tells you how long you should wait until you begin to see the little balls of dough popping to the surface (meaning they’re done), but the time is based on cooking them before freezing. For a sad 10 minutes, I thought my entire day’s labor was a waste, as the balls sat contentedly at the bottom for well over 4 times the cooking time suggested in the recipe.

Fortunately, with a little TLC and a wooden spoon, Brandon was able to stir them gently enough to separate them a little without disfiguring them, and soon the thawed and cooked little pieces of joy began floating to the surface!

The dish was delightful and, if I do say so myself, the best thing I’ve made so far. Or, at least the dish of which I’m proudest! And, I didn’t even have a potato ricer.

I’ve attached some pictures. Sorry they’re so blurry, but you’ll get the idea.


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