Amazing gnocchi and tomato cream sauce recipe

16 Dec

Last night, Brandon made the most amazing meal. We have both been wanting to make some gnocchi again, but we opted to buy some pre-made at the store this time around since we didn’t have the time this week to make the gnocchi from scratch. So, we picked up some packets of spinach gnocchi at Central Market.

This is the recipe he followed. The result was a concoction of gnocchi, large (and numerous) chunks of melting mozzarella cheese (from a block, not the super-white and juicy fresh kind), a delicious tomato cream sauce and peas all tossed together in a large bowl. He cooked the gnocchi, drained it, and added it to the bowl. He then added some sauce (step 6 of the recipe shows how to make it), about 1.5 cups of cubed mozzarella, and 1.5 cups peas. The heat of the gnocchi and sauce melt the mozzarella; but, because the cheese is cubed and tossed cold with the hot pasta and sauce, it melts without spreading evenly throughout, creating amazing, oozing pockets of cheese.

This is obvious not a weight-loss recipe, but it’s an amazing one if you like gnocchi at all. It took about an hour to prepare. Because he used the spinach gnocchi, the dish was colorful, too, with 2 shades of green (pasta and peas), red (sauce) and white (cheese). Appropriate Christmas dish!

One more thought: I recommend the tomato cream sauce made by itself with any pasta. We had leftover sauce and plan to add it to some linguine later this week.


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