Mushroom risotto

29 Dec

Excellent recipe from Dr. Weil’s Healthy Kitchen. Takes about 45 mins. from start to finish, including cooking and prep. The recipe is actually called “porcini risotto,” but I didn’t have the dried porcini mushrooms it called for, and I didn’t want to spend $5 just on a package of them. I used some generic dried mushrooms I had (that look to me like dried portabello strips). The prep. is simple – you just need to chop an onion – and you’ll have the oil heating in the pan within 5 mins. of starting this recipe.

If you’re debating whether you need to add the parmesan at the end, I highly suggest it. I perfectly ties the dish together in consistency and taste, and you won’t need any salt. Before I added the cheese, the dish tasted a little bland, especially because for the vegetable stock, I used some salt-free vegan bouillon cubes dissolved in boiling water. The saltiness of the parmesan adds the perfect final punch to the rice, so you won’t have to reach for the salt shaker the entire time.


One Response to “Mushroom risotto”

  1. Papadingdong December 31, 2009 at 08:39 #

    Mushrooms and rice? Now I’ve seen everything!

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