Red lentil and carrot soup

15 Jan

This recipe was in a book I bought a while ago called Gourmet Every Day. It contains recipes from Gourmet magazine that are quicker and easier to make than most. They make great weeknight meals.

The soup is delicious, easy, and very interesting. I’m not very experienced with red lentils, but I realized, while cooking this soup, that they completely break down in a recipe like this. Because you also add some tumeric, you’re left with a very thick, yellow soup that almost looks like a pureed soup but has the benefit of having chunks of other vegetables in it, too (carrot and bell pepper).

It tastes great with green bell pepper, too, which I used instead of the red. Note that if you rinse the red lentils before cooking and then let them dry in the collander before using them, they will turn into a massive lentil clump that you’ll have to break up in the water. The red lentils seem to be more fragil than other lentils, especially since they basically disintegrate when cooked. I recommend rinsing them just before adding them to water or simply picking them over while dry before adding them to the water (as the recipe recommends anyway).

You’ll also want to add some salt in the end, because otherwise the soup will be bland.


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