Quinoa risotto with mushrooms and thyme

26 Jan

I made this recipe last night, as described in my other post. It’s easy and fast, and a great weeknight recipe. As I’ve mentioned before, quinoa is a complete protein as well as a healthy carbohydrate (it’s a whole grain), so it holds up very well as a main dish. Accompanied by salad, the risotto was very filling.

One thing I like about this recipe is that you cook the quinoa separately in water until it’s ready to be eaten. Most risottos require you to cook the grain by slowly adding hot liquid (water, broth, etc.) and letting each portion absorb before adding the next. After a while, you’ve got a cooked grain that tastes creamier than it would if you were to cook it in a covered pot with water.

The “risotto” aspect of this dish comes from the veggie/sauce mixture you prepare in another pan while the quinoa cooks and then mix in later. A white-wine-based sauce with two types of mushrooms adds the perfect mixture of flavors to the quinoa; no one ingredient is overpowering, yet you can still taste everything. That, of course, is a marker of a great recipe. I highly recommend this one if you’re just trying out quinoa, because if you’ve never had it before, it can take a little while to get used to both the texture and the taste.


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