Thailand, Cambodia, Laos (January 2011)

5 Feb

Over two weeks in mid-to-late January, I traveled with 3 companions through these three countries.  We started in Bangkok, headed to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat, went on to Don Det in southern Laos (one of 4000 islands in the Mekong River), went to Pakse and Paksong for a life-changing tour of a coffee plantation, and then finally went back into Thailand, staying in a smaller town called Ubon for a night and day to catch a train to Bangkok for a few nights before returning to Guangzhou.  We flew to and from Bangkok, but all other travel was on train or bus.

It was a trip full of adventure, a few mishaps, lots of laughs, amazing coffee and mind-numbingly good food.  I’ll never forget it, and either because it’s still so fresh or because it was such a mental, emotional and sensory overload, I don’t think I’m capable of writing much more about it at this time.

BUT, I’ve got some pictures posted on my trusty Photobucket site for family and friends, so check them out here.  I’ve got two albums, one finished and one on the way.  The finished one is an album of pictures taken on an old Minolta analog camera, and the other is of pictures taken on a digital camera.

I’ve also got an album there called “Yunnan” if you want to see pictures from my trip to west-central China, to Yunnan Province.  I went during National week in October, a week-long national holiday in China.  I spent the most time in a city called Dali, which is a gorgeous, sleepy little tourist town in the mountains.  That trip was cold when Guangzhou was scorching, and the trip to the Southeast Pacific was warm when Guangzhou was freezing…perfect temporary escapes from the concrete jungle I’ve learned to love and call home during this chapter in my life.


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