Sardine and avocado sandwich

10 Feb

I love this simple and hearty sandwich. I make it different each time, but the basics themselves were originally taken from the web from an article about Alton Brown losing weight. Imagine a tuna sandwich with some chest hair, more spunk and a sneaky charm. Oh, and if you’re mock-gagging because you don’t like fish or sardines or haven’t tried them, give this recipe a try and then make your judgments.

Get a can of sardines, either in brine or water or in oil (in China you can get them in chili oil, which is best in my opinion). open it up and reserve some of the oil if you’ve got that type. Otherwise, drain the water and put the contents in a bowl. Add oil from the can or some extra-virgin olive oil. Then throw in some salt n peppa, lemon juice and a secret ingredient of your choosing, preferably something that adds a kick, like some heat (dried or fresh chili, cayenne, etc.) or some boldness (smoked or sweet paprika). Or combine all spices by using Cajun seasoning. Mash it all up (and make sure you wiggle your hips a little in the process; it adds to the flavor).

Spread the resulting mixture on some toast, preferably with a little melted cheese on top (Swiss goes well, as does mozzarella). Add some sliced avocado (or, dress it up a little with avocado mashed with more lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic power or fresh garlic). Cut your sandwich into two or four triangles just for fun and devour it in the three minutes it’ll take to get it down your gullet. Don’t forget to breathe!

Wish I could add a picture, but no digital camera at the moment. Maybe next time.


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