Tangy salad + tangy salad = delicious chaos

7 Mar

After glancing over the hideously-long last three entries, I’m making this one less cumbersome to read (only slightly), mostly because it’s too good not to. Last night I made two tangy Asian salads – one that was more of a slaw and another with cold udon noodles as a base.

These dishes are similar, but I think they go together well. They are based around the cabbage, which I had from a previous salad and needed to use up. I also really wanted to use mandarin oranges after having some particularly delicious ones lately. The noodle salad was born of a desire to use up some of the pasta in my cabinet, but in the end I bought the noodles I used last night. The slaw was inspired by an old Gourmet spinach, mushrooms and kumquat recipe I used a year ago (or at least, the dressing was). I’d repost the link, but the link-creating function is not currently available on this page. The other recipe is largely based on a recipe called “Noodle Salad with Spicy Peanut Butter Dressing” on epicurious.com.

My roommate loved these salads. He got home, not very hungry, and ate two bowl-fulls of these dishes mixed together. I tried it with the leftovers at lunch today, and I agree that the maddness of minced and sliced veggies, noodles, and tangy dressings make for some delicious chaos. Tonight’s ninja was candied walnuts in the noodle salad. Not having any extra peanuts and just feeling crazy, I threw them in, and they tasted great!

Oh, and word to the wise: don’t get distracted while using a cheese grater, especially those brilliant stand-up ones where everything falls inside and that anchor so nicely to the countertop. Let’s just say – one gnarly accident later – that I’m pretty sure bits of finger went into my salad.

See my posts in the Recipes section called “Cabbage and Chinese Greens Slaw” and “Cold Peanut Butter Noodle Salad.”


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