27 Apr

Last weekend, I bought another vintage camera.  I’ve taken one roll with it that I still need to develop.  This one was in an antiques market near the Chen Clan Academy old village and museum in Guangzhou.  A man who has old swords and rings and trinket boxes had two cameras just sitting on his shelves, hanging out like hidden gems.  He had a Peafowl, a Chinese-made camera, and a functioning Seagull, the kind you look down into to see an image.  I paid a foreigner’s price for the Peafowl, but after bargaining, paid almost half of what I paid for my Asahi Pentax. 

The best part of the Peafowl, which has an original lens, is a yellow lens cover to give an old-looking tint to photos.  The camera has just enough decay that the pictures will come out with little spots here and there, making them look especially old.  I had only a very nice roll of 800-ISO film on-hand but used it anyway.  The lens’ ability to focus is not as sharp as my Pentax’s, but I’ll get a chance to see very soon what it can do!

Here’s another stock image of the camera I bought.  I’ll put up a link to a Photobucket album of the images it took as soon as I get them developed.


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