Yes, Sir!…er, I mean, Your Highness!

2 Sep

This just happened:

My mother hands me a sheet of paper and says, “Look, you’re descended from royalty.”

Evidently my father’s cousin has mapped my family’s genealogy back to King Richard I.  The at-least-40-generation list also includes William I “The Conqueror” (about whom I did a report in the 12th grade and am thus tickled to be related to since he was such a dastardly and ferocious warrior – although anyone who knows me understands that this is hardly surprising).

Because my mother once took up genealogy as a hobby, I have known since my childhood that I’m related to William Bradford, the governor of Plymouth Colony and leader of the Mayflower as well as some other people who have some important-ish things to do with the founding and subsequent history of the United States of America.  An over-zealous Latin and British Literature teacher in high school (the same one who assigned the aforementioned report) who, in his spare time, studied other people’s genealogy (for some reason) also once told me that I’m related to the royal family somehow, but I’d long since forgotten how.

However, my reason for writing is not to brag.  I think anyone with English heritage is somehow related to the Queen (of course, that 40-generation list includes some slight incest).  The reason I’m recording this occurance is my father’s response, which was as follows:

“Since this document proves that we’re related to royalty, I’d like you all to begin referring to me as Your Highness.”

Good try, Dad.


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