Yunnan Province (October 2010)

6 Sep

One trip I took over the past year but failed to write about on here was to Yunnan Province in Western China during National Week.  October 1st is National Day for the Chinese, and most businesses and schools shut down for much of a week, from October 1-7.  Since I still taught in schools at that point, I had the whole week off, so I tagged along with some co-workers who were headed out west.

A 24-hour train ride took us to Kunming, Yunnan.  After staying a night, we caught a bus to Dali, a small tourist town about 6 hours away.  We stayed there a few nights and then headed back to Kunming and then got another 24-hour train ride back to Guangzhou.  Even though half of the week was spent on either a bus or train, it was a good time due to great company.

My favorite part of the trip was enjoying a few things that the people of Yunnan enjoy in their local cuisine that the people of Canton do not.  For example: limes, yak cheese and edible flowers all popped up frequently throughout our meals, and we savored every interaction those delectable ingredients had with our taste buds.

Some other highlights include an evening fire dance we participated in, the brightly-colored and abundant wet markets, the unnerving amount of large spiders we came across hanging out everywhere, some gorgeous lotus ponds, and a random Italian punk band we saw at a bar called the Funky Monkey.

Here are pictures for your enjoyment.  The first is not mine, but rather was taken by one of my travel companions on his vintage Minolta with 35mm film.  The rest are digital.  For more, go to my Photobucket album.


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