talk about unintended consequences…

7 Sep

The above title and the below words are my sister’s, from her blog cranktheory, which is absolutely hilarious.  The post regards this disturbing article from the New York Times about sperm donation (more specifically, the offspring that sperm donation helps produce).  I am re-posting it because the entry unfortunately doesn’t have an individual URL.  Check out her blog, anyway.

Pretty soon, the shit’s gonna hit the fan.  Excuse my language, but I. Be. Serious.

More than one person is going to accidently have a baby with her half brother and people everywhere are going to be all like, “Oh crap, whaat have we done?”

I think this gives me pretty good support for having a child the natural way, you know, if that time ever comes. Which, of course, would be adoption, since the whole feeling-like-a-walrus-for-nine(plus)-months thing doesn’t really sit with me at the moment. Just kidding (sincere about the walrus part, though).

But seriously, hypothetical college male out there in the blogosphere, those fifty dollars that you get from the sperm bank won’t seem so “Awesome! Beer Money!” twenty years later when you have fifty biological offspring.


Oh my goodness! What if someone adopted a child who was created via sperm donation? Talk about some serious psychological issues.



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