Unanswerable question of the universe

7 Sep

Every now and then, a moment happens when I stumble across one of those unanswerable questions of the universe.  Sometimes, they leave me in awe, and I mentally bow down in appreciation to the awesome unanswerableness of the question, and internally tip my figurative hat to the fact that those questions exist to begin with.  I actually take solace in the fact that some questions don’t have answers.  Sometimes, those questions leave me not in awe, but baffled, and I am confused at their existence, but merely shrug my shoulders and move on.  And sometimes, though much less often, I feel something akin to anger at this confusion.

I’ve stumbled upon one of those questions again, and while I have nothing near anger over my confusion, I’ll readily admit that for me, this one’s real head-scratcher.  I have absolutely nothing near an answer to this question, and I think I’ll be baffled by it for the rest of my existence.  I’m sure by this point you’re demanding: Spit out the damned question, already!  Well, here it is:

Why is it that so many interesting, intelligent, creative people (but especially men) in my life love R. Kelly?

No, really.  And notice that I didn’t say like.  I know some people who are on the cutting edge when it comes to ideas about fitness and simple living.  I know some people who can cut a rug and set a table better than anyone I know.  I know some people who can draw and create music and sing in a way that inspires you and leaves you wishing you could spend all day witnessing their creations.  All of these people are intelligent.  All of these people make me feel like my own abilities and characteristics are insignificant in comparison at times.  Yet, all of them not only like, but actually love the music of R. Kelly.

I admit that a few of his tunes are catchy.  I also admit that I enjoyed the irony of “Trapped in the Closet” as much as most avid fans.  But really, folks…really?  I get that he has appeal, even if I don’t always understand it.  But, I’ll never understand the correlation between his music and the people in my life who I personally believe define awesomeness itself.

UPDATE:  Check out this post from my sister’s tumblr in response to my daring to write about R. Kelly.


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