Cooking Up a Storm

2 Apr

Haven’t written for a while but was compelled to tonight.  I’ve been cooking up a storm lately.  I moved a little over a month ago, and it took a lot out of me.  I hate cooking in an apartment that’s only half-moved-in-to, and I’m too lazy to do a colossal task like moving quickly.

I’ve also begun hand-writing a cookbook.  For no major reason other than to remember the awesome things I make.  I’m also too lazy to look up recipes online most days, and my only real hard-bound cookbook is too complicated for China, unless it’s a special occasion.  Luckily, I’ve got a English Chinese food cookbook on loan for the time being, but even that’s a bit gourmet.

I’m putting some of the best ones up here, because I can filter like that on the second go; whereas “Creamy, Cheesey Breakfast Tacos with Bacon” is a winner every time, “Pasta with Tomatoes and Cucumbers in Yogurt Sauce” was a bit of a bomb, which I unfortunately only remembered after I wasted a page recording it.  What can I say, I was eager to finally have created something after a long dry-spell of not cooking much.


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