About the Author

My life somewhat sporadically revolves around the birth and eventual death of new hobbies, but the three that seem to stick are writing, amateur analog photography, and cooking (in that order). These incomplete chronicles attempt to illustrate my successes and failures in those areas.  I have studied neither cooking nor photography in any capacity; hence, the “failures” being as important as the “successes” in my attempt to teach myself these crafts out of boredom and insatiable palate. I also live and work in China, which has stimulated my desire to do two things: vary my culinary abilities and capture the intriguing things I see in my familiarly foreign environment.

Having been raised in small-town Texas in a quite large, unique family (I am the third of seven children), I have a habit of telling tales, and my childhood has provided ample material for doing so.  Therefore, I’ve named this blog “Capturing and Cooking” because it’s a platform for sharing the images I capture on film, the stories I’ve captured with the written word, and the recipes I manage to crank out in the meantime.




One Response to “About the Author”

  1. Lisa Bailey February 2, 2010 at 19:43 #

    Hooray! I finally got thru the whole thing. Looking forward to reading about your adventures while your away. Will now have to try jasmine rice. Sounds YUM.

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